This video tutorial will show you how to link VREP to Python and can be found on YouTube.


The zipped file containing the python script and the VREP scene can be downloaded  here: VREP – Python Files


The topics covered are:

00:00 – Introduction

01:22 – Setting up the V-Rep scene

06:22 – Python x,y and Spyder overview and download

09:20 – Setting up the V-rep Python workspace files

14:11 – Running a simple test script

16:11 – Python code to establish communication with V-Rep

21:07 – Retrieving object handles in python (actuators)

26:32 – Setting actuator velocities

30:34 – Reading Proximity Sensors

38:17 – Ultrasonic sensor reading explanation

39:32 – Retrieve Image Data from V-Rep into Python

44:49 – Displaying Images with the matplotlib python library

50:20 – Obstacle avoidance script explanation

51:25 – Pre-allocation code explanation

55:30 – Looping code and robot controller

01:00:23 – Final obstacle avoidance result and conclusion


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