Resume in R and ShinyApps

Resume in R and ShinyApps

I have had a lot of opportunity to explore R and shinyapps recently. Shinyapps is used to create and upload interactive R visualizations that allow your readers to interact and modify parameters of your visualization. It is a move away from static images, which is said to leave the reader with a higher understanding of the points that you are trying to make.

Naturally, I tried to use the same principles and created an online interactive resume. My design principles were to visualize as many of the text-only aspects of a resume as possible. I feel like I can do better by tying in a few timeline libraries and will revisit the code in the near future. The interactive resume can be found here:

If you want to try creating your own resume or want to improve on it, you can find the code on github here:

I would love to hear any feedback that you might have at:

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